Pony Rides and Petting Zoo - $130 (Mobile)

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We are a mobile business. We come to you! Most often we work at private parties in people's yards or local parks. We also work church, school, or community events.

MLB Pony Rides and Petting Zoo

Pony Ride Pricing (There will be a delivery fee in addition to the cost of services. See below)
1 pony, hand-led, 1 hour = $130, 2 hours = $240
Single pony cart, 1 hour = $130, 2 hours = $240
2 ponies, hand-led, 1 hour = $260, 2 hours = $480
Carousel with 4 ponies, 1 hour = $380, 2 hours = $700

Petting Zoo Pricing (There will be a delivery fee in addition to the cost of services. See below)
Small Petting Zoo (Guaranteed at least 5 animals of my choice)
1 hour =$120, 2 hour = $220
Medium Petting Zoo (Guaranteed at least 6 animals – goats and 2 animals of your choice)
1 hour = $140, 2 hours = $260
Large Petting Zoo (Guaranteed at least 8 animals – goats and 4 animals of your choice)
1 hour = $180, 2 hours = $340
X-Large Petting Zoo (Guaranteed at least 10 animals – goats and 5 animals of your choice)
1 hour = $220, 2 hours = $420
Choice Animals: miniature horse, miniature donkey, alpaca, Potbelly pig, Flemish Giant Rabbit, sheep, and poultry (ducks, chicks, or goslings when available).

Delivery – Delivery charges are based on milage and hours of driving time.

Delivery Fees for nearby areas:
$10 – Lampasas, Kempner
$20 – Copperas Cove
$30 – Killeen, Burnet, Gatesville
$40 - Florence
$50 - Goldthwaite, San Saba, Marble Falls, Belton, Liberty Hill, Kingsland
$60 – Temple, Leander, Salado, Hamilton
$70 – Georgetown, Cedar Park, Llano, Moody
$80 –Round Rock, Hutto
$85 – Waco, Pflugerville
$90 – Cameron, Brownwood, Rosebud, Comanche

Further areas must book at least $200 worth of services due to the longer drive time:
$100 - Austin, Manor, Dripping Springs
$120 – Fredericksburg, Del Valle, Cedar Creek, Kyle
$140 – San Marcos, Lockhart
$150 - San Antonio, Bryan
$160 - College Station
$180 - La Grange
$200 - Abilene
$220 - Fort Worth
$240 – Dallas, Arlington
$330 - Houston

Weather – We will show up rain or shine. The animals live outside and are acclimated to Texas weather. In hot weather they would like some shade. On days with a heat advisory, we may not be able to bring the rabbits. We have a 10x10 canopy that can be erected over the petting zoo for rain or shade. We can do pony rides in a light rain. In a heavy rain, we would need to pause the pony rides. If the forecast is over 70% chance of rain, I will check with you a couple days before the event. If cancelled at that time, there is no charge. There are no discounts or refunds on the day of the event for bad weather.

Weight Limits – The weight limits for most ponies are around 80 to 100 pounds, but we a have a one that can handle up to 120 pounds. Please notify us in advance if we need to bring the larger pony. The pony cart has a weight limit of 200 pounds (not including the driver). The cart can usually take 2 small children or one adult per ride.

Liability Release Form - All participants will be required to sign a liability release form for pony rides. In the case of minors, a parent or guardian will need to sign for them. Upon request, we can email the form prior to the event, so you can have parents sign as they drop off the children.

Helmets - All pony riders will be required to wear a helmet. We will supply helmets. Our helmets are easily adjustable with a dial in the back. We disinfect the helmets between riders.

Fencing – It is safer to keep the animals and ponies in a fenced in yard away from dogs. We will bring our own fencing for the petting zoo.

Ground Surfaces – We are not responsible for any damage to the grounds as a result of our set-up or animals. The petting zoo animals prefer a grassy area. The ponies do not wear shoes, so rocky ground or gravel is hard on their feet. The pony cart is easier to pull on pavement, but can also be pulled over relatively smooth ground.

Clean-up – We will clean up large piles of poop upon request, but there is no way to clean up every little speck. You can hose the area a few times and it will decompose into the soil and fertilize your lawn. We are also happy to put the cleaned-up manure in your compost bin.

Pony Cart – The pony cart needs a relatively smooth track with a large turn around. It does not make sharp turns, so it needs at least as much room as a car to turn around. A round driveway is perfect. We can use a large yard with few obstacles or a long, straight driveway as long as it has a large enough turn around. We can use roads as long as there is little to no traffic.

Carousel - The carousel requires extra time to set up which may shorten the running time. We will also want to get the truck as close as possible to the set-up location.

Petting Zoo – We will bring our own fencing for the petting zoo. The farther we have to carry the fence panels, the longer set up will take. The petting zoo animals will eat the grass inside the fence panels. In hotter months, they would definitely appreciate some shade.

Discount - We will offer a discount for public schools, churches, and certified non-profit groups on a case-by-case basis. Just ask when booking your event.

Longer Events - Please be aware that the ponies and workers may need a break during long events.

Fairs and Festivals – We occasionally set up and charge a per person fee for larger events, fairs, or festivals. Contact us with details if you are interested in having us set up at your event.

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