Loading items onto pallet. Position Filled (Belton)

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compensation: $900 with posssibility of additional $300 if done within 5 days.
Thank you for all the responses to this Post. I have received around 90 emails from people interested in this so I am sorry that I have actually not responded to any of them yet. I have very many to look at and will be contacting someone soon who I will try to determine would be hopefully most suitable. There were many who are suitable and I believe could and would do a great job but unfortunately I can't offer it to all. Thanks again, and good luck to all.

Hello, we are looking for some help with loading some telecom pedestals onto pallets. There are about 900 of the pedestals and we would put 30 to a pallet and strap them down and then the forklift guy would pick them up and take them to a storage location.

For two people I think it would be about 2 to 3 days of work, and maybe 4 to 5 days for one person. I can pay $1 per ped, which would be about $900 total, and I'd round that up to $1,200 if it gets done properly and satisfactory to the warehouse manager, and also completed within one week (5 days).

The peds weigh maybe around 3 to 5 pounds each. There would be some removal of the old cardboard boxes that they are in and throw that in the dumpster, and also organize some contents and put in whatever accessories are in the box, back inside the pedestal and stack it straight on the pallet then strap it down.

It if goes good then there's some possibilities of other much better work and opportunities to follow this if someone was interested in getting into telecom work.

I can pay cash.

Please email me here and let me know more about yourself and your availability to do this.

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