roof replacement after hail storm (Temple and Harker Heights)

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We all experienced a category hail storm on the twenty-second of May this year.
This hail caused damages to most of the roofs in Temple and Harker Heights.
All Weather Restoration and Roofing serves area residents throughout the entire insurance claim process which is detailed below.

Step 1: One of our representatives will visit your property to conduct a pre-inspection of your roof BEFORE you file your claim. You may not need to file a claim; some roofs are indeed undamaged after this storm.
Step 2: Our representative will assist you in filing your claim. We can sit with you and call the claims hotline on speaker phone or via a three-party call. This eliminates the anxiety many homeowners feel in potentially answering a question "wrong."
Step 3: Your insurance carrier will send a claim handler -- also known as an Adjuster-- to visit your property and assess for damages. The adjuster documents everything via photos, videos and testimony. We will be there on your property with you and your adjuster to be that extra set of eyes to reduce the chance that anything is missed.
Step 4: Once your claim is approved by your insurance carrier, we will consult with you on your options going forward. Many other roofing companies develop an exclusive relationship with one manufacturer of building supplies and one supplier. We are willing, able, and approved to install any brand or style of roof that you choose. We will not push you into our favorite brand or manufacturer! (Please note that your HOA may have a preference or two with regards to color.)
Step 5: We see the project through to completion and ensure that all of your insurance paperwork is handled properly to close the claim for you. Most importantly -- we provide you with certification of a new roof to provide to your insurance agent for a premium reduction discount.

That's right -- your premium should be REDUCED after you hire us to replace your roof.

Many people hire roofing companies that forget this key last step and these homeowners see their homeowners insurance premium rates rise after the storm and the roof replacement. This should not be happening.
All Weather Restoration and Roofing will at least ensure that it does not happen to you.

Check out our website; text us right now (no AI will respond; it may take a few minutes or hours to hear back, but a real person will return your call/text)

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